I am a psychic medium clairvoyant , healer and author  . I provide text, phone , email and 1-1 psychic readings . I do readings and distant healing for people all over the world.   SHOP 

 I also provide distant reiki, aura and house cleansing .   Email and phone readings work just as well as 1-1 readings and sometimes are even better , as I am not distracted by the client and things in the room . 

 I believe in the power of natural healing and have spent many years researching this .  I am currently learning all I can about the power of herbs  and Tesla technology. 

I am a trained hypnotherapist and believe that the mind holds the key to so much that could be having a great impact on our lives now . 

I  am  also trained in using the Scenar Pain  Genie Machine and can treat bone and muscle pain Treatments are £30..

 I now work with Doterra Essential oils and if you would like to know more about how they can help you and your family , contact me . I am trained , certified and insure to provide Aroma Touch massages in the Essex area . A treatment for mind body and soul , using 9 different Doterra Essential Oils . 

I have my own  online shop and also a shop on Etsy  

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Me 54 years old and loving life .

Teresa Swann Age 54

Since leaving my abusive husband in 2010 and getting to now the real me again , people say I now look younger .   I have in the years since , changed my diet , eating a vegetarian, vegan diet and cutting out wheat and gluten . Since 2010 I have also tuned in my inner self , sixth sense and intuition and this is how I started becoming more psychic . This then gave me the confidence to do psychic readings . 

600 Reviews On Etsy


I have over 600 reviews on Etsy for my psychic readings and healings  . Not always 5 stars but that is because some people do not like what I tell them . Hit a nerve maybe but hopefully helps them look at things differently . 

I have changed my life with the help of spirit and my connection to my inner soul

Mind and Soul

I can help you change your life .   

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I love to do psychic readings and help people see that that there is far more to this world than what they have been taught .

Psychic Medium Teresa Swann

Canvey Island,Essex, United Kingdom

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Please leave a message if I am busy. 

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